Washington State Nature Photography Metal Prints By Peter James


Bring Nature Inside

Everyone who sees these nature photography Metal Prints comments on how realistic the photos look. The combination of Peter James's ultra-detailed, vibrantly colorful images, and the dye-infusion process that suspends the photo in a thin coating on the surface of the Metal Prints, creates a luminous and almost 3-D effect that takes wall art to a whole new level. They make you feel like you are right there, looking at breathtaking natural scenery. If you love being out in nature, then why not bring nature inside with you as well?


Why Metal Prints Look So Good

Imagine a sheet of recycled aluminum covered with a white backing layer, and then what you could think of as a thin layer of clear gel. The dyes are heat infused into that gel layer. So light passes through the color, reflects off the white backing, and comes back through the color before hitting your eye. It's the same way light travels though oil paints, and why oil paintings look so much more dimensional than paintings done with acrylic paints which are opaque. Landscape photography Metal Prints are the oil paintings of the photography world.

Metal Prints

No Frame in Sight

Because Metal Prints are waterproof, they don't need to be protected under glass. This means there's no need to waste money and space on your wall on a mat or a frame, so you get a larger photograph in the same space. The metal print has an inset aluminum frame mounted out of view on the back, and this supports the picture hanging wire, and floats the photo 3/4 of an inch away from the wall. The lightness of the aluminum, and the simplicity of the mounting wire, make hanging Metal Prints easy and stress-free.

Hanging Metal Prints Video

Eco-Friendly Printing

Even with modern digital technology, most photo printing is still done on traditional photo paper. Traditional photographic processes produce chemical waste containing high levels of silver, as well as a variety of other caustic chemicals and bleaches; much of which end up being poured directly down drains and ultimately into our environment. The silver halide is highly toxic to aquatic organisms and water containing over 5 ppm is considered hazardous waste by environmental agencies. Peter James’s metal landscape prints use dye transfer, so there is no chemical processing and no heavy metals, so you can celebrate the beauty of nature while preserving it as well. They are also printed on recycled aluminum and, not that you would ever want to, but the Metal Prints themselves can be recycled - making this a closed loop, cradle to cradle system.

Color Stability

Collectors will be happy to know that nature landscape Metal Prints have been proven to have exceptional image stability. Xenon Light Stability Testing shows that the image stability of metal landscape prints is 2 - 4 times longer than the image stability of traditional silver halide photo papers.

Peter James’s metal landscape photographs will last for generations when displayed out of direct sunlight. Like all fine art prints, these Metal Prints should not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, however because they are waterproof, they are perfect for outdoor living spaces. However, if you would like to hang your Metal Print in a sunny spot, or even in direct sun, we can have a special EXT coating added which will not change the appearance of the print, and will significantly extent the duration of the color stability. 

Additionally, unlike gicleé or photographic processes, Metal Prints are waterproof and have a scratch resistant coating. The archival value of the Metal Prints far exceeds other mediums due to it’s resistance to degradation by U.V. light, ozone exposure, moisture and surface damage.

See the comparative testing here: Xenon Light Stability Test Results (PDF)


Cleaning Metal Prints

Since these Metal Prints are scratch resistant and waterproof, you can clean them with any ammonia-free glass cleaner. We have found that a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water is the best way to clean the prints without leaving any streaks. Most of the time a light dusting is all that's needed, but please watch the video below for some tricks that will make the cleaning process much easier and more effective. 

Cleaning Metal Prints Video

Handling Metal Prints

Although the Metal Prints are quite tough, care should still be taken when moving and hanging them. Enough force will bend the aluminum and the image surface can chip if the edge is set down too hard on a hard surface. Always set your prints down on a towel or carpeted surfaces and your pictures will last many lifetimes. 

Artist's Signature and Location Tags

Metal Prints ordered from this website will be delivered with Peter James's signature and the print number in the lower right corner of the print. You will also receive a hand signed Certificate of Authenticity with the print's unique serial number, as well as a location tag that you can display beside your print. People's first question is usually to ask where the photos are taken, and having these wall tags makes it easy to both tell and show them. 


Image Quality Up Close

For the jumbo sized Metal Prints which are 6 feet to 8 feet wide, the image is being dramatically enlarged. If you look closely at the print, the image may look fuzzy. These image are meant to be viewed from a distance of 2 feet or more, and when they are, they look superb!