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Triptychs and Multi Panel large wall art

The sizes above are for single Metal Prints, but we also offer extra large wall art that goes beyond the 8 foot limit of a single print. Peter James offers 3 and 5 panel Metal Prints in sizes from 6 feet up to 20 feet wide, which are fully customizable to fit your space. He has skillfully created a collection of ultra-high resolution nature photographs that can be printed at this massive scale and still look as crisp and clear as all of his single prints. You will be blown away at the clarity, detail, and realism of this extra large wall art. 

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See How The Metal Prints Looks At Different Sizes

The 4 ft x 8 ft - Panorama Format - $6,800

A single jumbo sized Metal Print works perfectly to fill large walls in homes, businesses and public buildings. These landscape photographs are so vibrant and lifelike, you feel like you could step into them. Measuring a full 48 x 96 inches, they bring an up-close view of Pacific Northwest nature into your space. Any of the Standard Format images are also available as 4 x 8, although they have to be cropped to the panorama shape. 


The 4 ft x 6 ft - Standard Format - $4,400

Landscape photography at this size becomes completely immersive. You feel like you are there, and that you could reach into the photograph and touch the subject. These prints are ideal for living room centerpieces, office lobbies, or even for bedrooms. 48x72 Metal Prints completely transform a space, adding drama, beauty and impact to every day life.

NW Nature Landscape Photography Metal Prints

The 40 x 80 - Panorama Format - $4,200

Make a bold statement in your home by bringing stunning scenery inside, seemingly at life size. This magnificent size represents the beauty of the Northwest in all it's glory, and will provide you and your guests with endless inspiration. 

Panoramic Nature Photography Printed on Metal

The 40 x 60 - Standard Format - $2,600

This is one of our most popular sizes because, at 5 feet wide, the subject feels so real, it's like looking out a window at the actual location. The soothing and inspiring scenery will make you feel more relaxed and happy every time you look at it. 

Fine Art Nature Photographer Peter James's Metal Prints

The 30 x 60 - Panorama Format - $2,000

This impressive wide format works great for a variety of spaces: over desks or seating, in hallways, kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, conference rooms and more. The 60" width is the same width as a queen bed, many sofas, or a standard piano. 

Pacific Northwest Nature Photos Metal Wall Art

The 32 x 48 - Standard Format - $1,600

Landscape photography at this size is very powerful. The richness and majesty of nature’s beauty glows through the metal print surface and brings rooms to life. The 32x48 makes for an impressive vertical image, and it works great horizontally as well. 


The 24 x 48 - Panorama Format - $1,080

You’d be surprised how many places this unique and striking panoramic photographic format fits. Above a bathtub, in a kitchen, above a reception desk, or in a dental office. The possibilities are limitless. 

PNW Nature Landscape Photos by Photographer Peter James

The 24 x 36 - Standard Format - $640

This metal print size holds it’s own on a large wall , or it can beautifully fill a smaller wall. It is an elegant way to add fine art photography to any room.


The 18x36 - Panorama Format - $520

This mid-sized panorama brings a rich burst of color into areas that might otherwise be empty. If you look around, I bet you'll see an empty or underutilized wall just waiting for one of these striking Metal Prints. 


The 16 x 24 - Standard Format - $300

This is a great size for bringing the beauty of nature photography into a small space like a bathroom, or a smaller accent wall.


The 12x24 - Panorama Format - $240

This size panoramic metal print is versatile enough to go anywhere. It's big enough to hold it's own on a wall, and is a great value at this price. 

Fine Art Limited Edition Nature Landscape Photography of Washington State